ARTICLE: MIRELA SULA PHOTOGRAPHY: BRIAN USHER COUNTESS PAOLA KOVACZ VON CSAKY was born in Canada in 1964, grew up in New Zealand, lived in Paris and Los Angeles and is half Hungarian and half English, Scottish and Irish! As Virginia Woolf would say “As a woman her country is the world”. Your story seems to be enriched with a lot of chapters which starts in Hungary and ends in London. How would you describe this journey? My journey actually starts with my father who escaped from the revolution in Hungary in 1956  – the uprising against the communists who had taken over Hungary since the end of the war and who had confiscated all my father’s family’s land. My grandfather was a famous fighter pilot who was shot down in the Battle of Berlin, and as a result the Russians came for my grandmother who wouldn’t escape but was standing poised with a pitchfork when they carted her off to a concentration camp. The communists were locking up all the nobles (as the Nazis had done to the Jews) and his grandmother hid my father away as a baby in the countryside. When the students rose up in the university in 1956, being fed up with the stifling environment of communism, my father aged seventeen, said he was avenging the death of his mother and father and of his Fatherland Hungary. So that was my legacy that I inherited.  He eventually escaped as a political refugee to Canada and that is how I came to be born there. What is your experience of moving from one country to another? From Canada to New Zealand, then to Paris, then Los Angeles and then London! As a child it is al [...]

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