Three Tips from Joe The Past need not determine the future  ‘Counselling’ is big business. The provision of counselling to those who need it is today a huge growth business, split into many different areas of expertise. Counsellors can be found to cover almost every type of problem – bereavement, divorce, health issues, relationship issues, career change, depression, anxiety – the list goes on. You name it – there is probably a Counsellor for it. And this is no bad thing. Counselling is one of a number of very important, useful and beneficial social services that helps people in difficulty and most counsellors do a brilliant job in putting an end to suffering. For the most part, but not always, counselling focuses on ‘looking backwards’ into their client’s past in order to try and identify the chief causal factors that have led to their current situation. Whether it is lack of confidence, jealousy, suicidal tendencies, fear of abuse, lack of social skills or a deep rooted phobia it is the job of the counsellor to help the client delve down into their past to try and locate the root cause of their particular problem. In most cases there will be an underlying reason or cause for the manifestation of the problem that needs addressing – and identifying that root cause is a big part of seeking a final solution so that ‘closure’ can be achieved and the client can then move on with their life. There is nothing wrong with this approach at all; in fact it forms an integral part of any therapeutic intervention. In many cases identifying the root of the proble [...]

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