By Mirela Sula Ingi is a self-labelled traveller and a migrant by legal definition, who’d like to live in a world where the fear of migration is replaced with the same curiosity we have for travelling. She spent the last years travelling to more than 50 countries and she hope to use her personal and professional experience to spark curiosity for migration, using travel and storytelling as tools. When she is not working, she is usually found behind a book or a movie snacking on super salty liquorice or soaking up the sun (on the rare occasion that happens in the Netherlands) while enjoying a cold Hoegaarden with friends.    You have created a platform that brings people closer and together around the globe – where did this idea come from? Growing up being a non-ethnic Norwegian in a small Norwegian community, you are constantly aware that you are ‘different’. I grew up thinking that being a foreigner and a migrant was something negative and actively disconnected with anything ‘foreign’. As a teenager, I got more interested in connecting with people from other cultures and started to travel and living abroad. While working for the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) in Tajikistan, I was fortunate to meet two amazing women, Ajselj from Germany and Grace from the USA. Ajselj was born in Macedonia while Grace was born in Zambia and they both shared their inspirational migration stories with me. Relating to their emotional challenges as migrants made me realise that I am a migrant too and should be proud to call myself one. I hope Pocket Stories can do th [...]

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