Her name is Tanya, she recently returned from taking part in and completing the Marathon des Sables or Marathon of the sands in the Sahara desert in Southern Morocco. National Geographic calls it the toughest footrace on the planet. This is “Her Story” Upon returning me family and friends just shook their heads and asked, “Why did you do it?”   I decided to take part because it held a challenge for me and because I knew it would take me outside my comfort zone, just like any true adventure does. I don’t want to live an ordinary life, but I want my life to ultimately mean something and contribute to the world I live in. I needed to show the woman in my family that they too can live the life they’ve only every dreamt of and to realize that if I could finish the worlds toughest footrace then they to can do anything they set their minds to and their hearts on, that life affords them every chance to fulfill their dreams if they only have the courage to pursue them I wanted to have the opportunity to show other woman what one can achieve if your not to scared to face your fears and if you surround yourself by people who support and believe in you. I am not a professional runner.  Everything stood against me taking part in the race and I had multiple hurdles that I had to overcome once there. As crazy as this sounds, and as hard as it was it was, finishing was the greatest gift I could give to my daughter.  I showed her that nothing need ever stand in the way of her becoming the person she wants to be and doing the things she wants most of all, thereb [...]

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