Falling in and out of Love and the creation of a Conscious Relationship By Michael de Glanville & Viola Edward Finally that man or woman that you have been waiting for, comes bursting in to your life and lights up your senses, floods your body with a rush of adrenaline and hormones and reminds you of the true meaning, the true dimension of the word longing. It reminds you of the intensity that those feelings of desire can attain, or the desire that is irresistable and so hard to control. Your ego boundaries vanish, you feel so much an indivisable part of the union. You think that together you will be capable of almost anything. You feel ready to devote yourself exclusively to the well being, the pleasure and the delight of this angel, this being who takes your heart into the fifth dimension.   Bliss state We call it “falling in love”. Indeed, the sensation can be very similar to that of falling. You fall into a bliss state. The sun is shining and your worries have dissappeared. You are walking on air, the ground no longer solid under your feet, a strong force of attraction is pulling you, accelerating you onward without concern. The scenario is as familiar as life on earth, indeed the survival of the human species has depended on this phenomenon for millions of years. In the traditional ‘Fairy Tale’ style, the ending of the story would be “and they rode off into the sunset” or “and they lived happily ever after and had many children”.           Change in lifestyle However, our day to day reality tends to be somewhat differe [...]

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