An event by Dr.Julia Goga-Cooke & Dr.Thorsten Roser We are all expected to innovate in whatever we do, bring new products, new services, find efficiencies, do more with less, motivate and engage the employees, create excellence in customer service, adopt new ways of working, make good use of technologies in the digital age. The big question is HOW? How do you innovate?  Join us in London to learn Design Thinking as a mindset and process for innovation. You don’t have to be a designer to be a design thinker. Come and practise methods and tools as used by Apple, Google, P&G, Intuit, Fidelity, Barclays, Cisco, SAP, UNDP and other organisations that have innovation in every cell of the organisation and not just R&D. You will learn by doing:  The key stages in the Design [...]

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