My Superstar sister and our special bond This is a story about my sister Linda, our relationship with each other, and the special bond that is as strong today as it has ever been. How we have been there for each other at a time of need and how we protected each other. It is a powerful and inspiring story of a beautiful person in so many ways, who came through a time of struggle and lacking in self-confidence, to become very successful in her own right, with the magazine ‘Star’ in Albania. I hope that it inspires you as much as she inspires me!      Photo: Endrit Mertiri When Linda Was Born  The meaning of ‘Linda’ in Albanian is “I am/was born” – and here the story of Linda begins. When she came into this world I was nine years old, and never do I remember to have been so jealous of someone who was about to take my place. Yet before the arrival of Linda, I did not happen to know my own place, and nor did I pretend to have one. My first nine years without Linda used to be full of motion, from one place to another, from one school to another, from a parent to parent and from one family to another. Linda with our mother and her father Linda became part of my life at a perfect time, at a moment when I used to be the Cinderella of the family, and apparently a princess was meant to bring even more storms into my life. Surprisingly, the opposite happened. I recall very well the 2nd of September, 1983 as my first Monday back in school, which I actually did not manage to attend. As I was told that Linda was born, I remember sitting for hours and hou [...]

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