7 actions toward your success By Mirela Sula *   1. Your true nature is always seeking to express harmony in all things. Action: Activate this and ask to be what you will it to be. 2. We tend to start many things and be determined to finish them. We make a resolution and don’t want to give up. We don’t want to allow ourself to form a habit of failure.    Action: Make it your intention to call for things that are meant for you. When you follow your mission and it is for a good cause, the Universe will let nothing and no one interfere.   3. A single idea may be worth thousands or millions of pounds, and these kind of ideas need a successful frame of mind.          Action: Be receptive and open minded, so you will be prepared to receive them. 4. Life is often an exchange of the old for the new.          Action: Let it go what is going and let it come what is coming…into your life. 5. To improve your conditions you must first improve yourself.        Action: Improve your thoughts and desires. Make sure that what you desire for yourself wish also that everyone else should have. 6. The source of all life derives from within.        Action: Concentrate on things that you want, not on the things that you do not want. Develop the faith, the courage, and the feelings which will result in accomplishment. Your mental power is a creative force…        Action: Produce the greatest progress in your mental power and build the ability to create for yourself. When I say this, I don’t mean to take from others, but to develop your ins [...]

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