The power of “social capital” By Mirela Sula We all need to live within a supportive social network and when this happens it is the combined strength that everyone has to help each other. Our life is full of surprises in a beautiful world that is full of possibilities. Therefore, we are faced with making decisions continuously, moment by moment and in a broad way for our overall direction in life. What one day works, the next day may not. Therefore, when we are faced with new changes often we are scared to walk alone. We want be close to people who provide security and surround us with their kindness. Fortunately these people exist and it is important to search for them when we need them. They can be family members, friends, partners or co-workers. All these networks create an effective support system around us and play an important role by helping us cultivate different parts of our personality. We consider positive friends to be allies of our life with whom we exchange positive energy. We trust them with our doubts and share our life joys by creating healthy connections with them. All this is the process of how we continuously cultivate relationships which creates closer ties to the people we spend time with. There appears to be a need to choose those who appear similar to us. People who think like us, who share similar thoughts and grow at the same time with us are a treasure. We may not always be able to achieve this quickly, but surely we should contribute to making social improvements and enjoy life surrounded by caring people. “We should contribute to makin [...]

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