Betsy Pool How Damanhur transformed my life forever By Lena Zechner Five years ago Betsy Pool decided to follow her heart and implemented what others would only have dreamt of doing. Leaving the buzzing life of Los Angeles, and her husband, behind she went off to experience a completely new lifestyle in Damanhur, a community of around 600 residents in a mountain valley in Northern Italy. With each passing day she realised she had finally discovered her ultimate “dream world”. Originally being a true urban soul who has previously lived in some of the world’s biggest cities, Betsy now shares her story about her vibrant every-day life in Damanhur with us. She provides us an insight into the community’s principles as well as the experience of living in a big collective family with twenty members. Adventurous as she is, Betsy still gets to travel around the globe in connection with her established “Institute for the Mythology of Humanity” to spread the word and share her message. The following interview gives a valuable insight into her life story as a successful mother, business leader and inspirational woman.     Leaving your home and known surroundings behind to move to Damanhur must have been a big challenge for you. Can you tell us a little bit about this experience? Sometimes in our lives, we are confronted with what I have come to think of as a “choice-less choice.” This happens when a profound voice deep within speaks with urgency and you know there is something you must do. You can, of course, choose to ignore this voice; but this type of voi [...]

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