Laura Timm I have a vision of inspiring women to achieve their full potential By Lela Struga Laura was born in the small Baltic country of Estonia. She grew up in a modest family, which didn’t stop her from thinking big. Living abroad, travelling, running businesses, inspiring and empowering people, was part of her vision since an early age though she only spoke about it with a few of her closest friends. She thought her plans would have sounded insane to a lot of people who would say that it is impossible but Laura knew that it would become her reality.          The story Laura Timm remembers some tough times from her childhood, especially her second grade, but she says that it really forced her to stay strong and not let herself be put down by a few bullies. Being the new kid at school she got picked on because of a few things she hadn’t done before and wasn’t initially very good at. Since that time Laura has been very determined to not allow others to control her life and she refused to go into hiding or keep her head down as some of the other children would do. But Laura kept working on the things that she wasn’t good at and after a very long period of trying, and sometimes feeling she could see no improvement, eventually came the breakthrough. She started to get better one thing at a time and soon she became accomplished, or even excellent, at different things. Now she refused to let others tell what she could or couldn’t do and started to believe in herself more. There is a Dodge-Ball example that she uses because she used to be a [...]

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