Krista Burns The reason I became a Doctor of Chiropractic By Lena Zechner  To have your Olympic dream come to nothing from one day to another sounds like every child’s worst nightmare. Striving after becoming a professional skier since the young age of three, this is just what Krista Burns had to experience in her teenage years. In search for alternative ways to heal her terrible back injury, Krista stumbled across Chiropractic which since then has been her vocation. The strong support she received from her family already provided Krista with confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit to believe in herself and her objectives from an early age. In bitter disappointment of the treatment she received during the time of her severe back injury, she set herself the goal to be the best doctor in her field in order to pass on her knowledge to all future patients. She successfully managed to establish a career as a Certified Posture Expert and a Doctor of Chiropractic where she tries to address the importance of proper posture amongst various patients – ranging from individuals like children and the elderly to whole sport teams. Working with patients, her life-partner as well as the world’s elite in the field of Chiropractic are only some of the aspects she loves about her profession. After several years of professional experience including challenging times and rewarding moments, Krista now shares her success story with us.   When did you discover your fascination for Chiropractic? It was the morning of U.S. Ski Team Selections, a competition for the top thirty most eli [...]

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