Gisela Wood Building an Empire with two children By Mirela Sula Gisela considers herself as a lucky woman with two children and a wonderful husband who is both her life and work partner. She usually starts every morning with a cup of coffee and when she hasn’t been in the stables for a couple of days, Gisela finds herself going to the closet just to smell the jacket that she always wears when she takes care of her horse. Together with her husband, she has started seven companies and they are in the process of setting up three more. Their companies operate in Sweden, England and Scotland. The centrepiece of their companies is the Swedish Wealth Institute, SWI, and Giselas main focus within SWI is to build partnerships with successful women all over the globe, together with her business partner Mia Kleen. Through the initiative “Be Inspired, Be Involved, Be Empowered” she created a programme to empower women and by sharing tools and knowledge it gives them the strength to succeed. It is the same way that she learned how to strengthen herself. Sweden is a great place for women in business, compared to many other countries. “But even here, for a woman to receive the same recognition as a man, she needs to have more knowledge and produce better results than him” says Gisela. When I ask her about the challenges in Sweden she tells me that in their culture a person is not allowed to stand out. For a women this becomes a double obstacle – it is frowned upon to stand out at the same time as it is necessary for her to achieve much more in order to get the same opportunit [...]

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