The Inner Diamond Smita Joshi By Mattlynn Mossberg In her life, Smita Joshi has already accomplished more than most people can even think of. She has succeeded as one of the first to start selling India’s IT services into British and European institutions, is a qualified yoga instructor, speaks six languages and is working on a seventh. Smita is also the author of the “Karma & Diamonds” trilogy, a story about a journey of self-discovery across continents and lifetimes. In this story, Smita shares her own journey of self-discovery and how it has brought success and happiness into all aspects of her life. Smita Joshi was born in the ancient Gujarati town of Porbandar, a town whose fame originates from being the home of Lord Krishna’s best friend, Sudama. Smita describes her childhood self as vibrant and joyful yet at the same time, sensitive and completely conscious of the world around her. “I was only too painfully aware of all that was going on around me but I almost never talked to anyone about my feelings.” This epiphany, which allowed me to connect with my inner Self, which I call my Inner Diamond, altered my view of life forever At the age of 7, Smita experienced an abrupt and shocking incident where she thought she was about to die. “Just then, I had my first mystical experience in which I had a spontaneous surge of energy shoot through my little body. I saw glistening beads of lights that looked to me like showers of tiny little sparkling diamonds. I had discovered a deep, mystical connection with the higher realms through my inner Self. This epiphan [...]

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