5 men share their secrets By Trevor Clarke This a new paradigm to men and women to better understand each other. Here are more men’s perspective of how women believe that men are or should be and their own insights of how who they really think they are. Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz – Consultant, mentor Men want to feel like a man Rumour has it that men want to hear one of two things: “You’re so strong” and “My hero”; where women typically want to hear “I love you”. My wife and I put these theories to the test when the other least expected it – and it actually worked a treat! So what’s behind that? As a relatively traditional man, I instinctively love to provide and protect. I feel good about myself, fulfilling an important role and contributing. My wife doesn’t see why I should provide any more than she, though as far as protection is concerned, she naturally looks to me without a second thought. She likes to feel safe and I am sure that “I love you” adds to that feeling of safety. Recalling conversations from the hundreds of men’s groups I’ve held over the years, men’s core needs are quite similar: Men want to know that they are safe and won’t be attacked or criticised. Men want to feel loved, cared for, physically touched. Men want to spend as much time with their children as they can. Men want to feel heard, listened to and understood when they speak. Men want to feel like a man: their own man, authentic and respected. Men want to be more than just a work-horse and cash-cow. Men just want to ‘be’ (every man needs a sacred c [...]

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