JT Foxx: Women make far better entrepreneurs than men  By Katharine Wright JT Foxx started out as an entrepreneur with less than one thousand dollars to his name and became a millionaire by the age of 24. He has over 50 companies and does a variety of business deals and speaking events all over the world, establishing himself as the world’s number one wealth coach. His efforts, now including his book Millionaire Underdog, which is available for pre-order, aid other people in learning how to grow and become successful in their own business endeavours. JT Foxx’s coaching, conferences, and philanthropy help other people reach new heights in their personal and professional lives. Global Woman interviewed him about women in business, how he broke through in so many businesses, and how he’s helping other people accomplish their goals. How do you feel about being featured in a magazine that focuses on women?  I fully believe that women make excellent business owners and are essential to business, so I am so happy to support and encourage women to live up to their potential. You’ve said that women are often better entrepreneurs than men. What prompted this opinion?   Years of experience. I have been involved in a lot of different businesses around the world, and women continue to really be some of the most amazing entrepreneurs. When a woman knows what and why she is doing it all, usually she will be more driven than any man. Women don’t let ego get in the way and are almost always better at building and nurturing relationships. They also seem to have this great [...]

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