Marina Nani Join the Author Awards 2016 Marina is a woman who carries in her heart extraordinary storytellers, who broadcast their passion, around the clock, around the world. Marina thinks that our world needs more storytellers, and she is here to make sure they have a place to call it home! For her, life is not about finding yourself or re-inventing yourself, life is about delivering the best version of yourself, your excellent Self. “The time we have on this earth is very limited and, after being an accomplished but exhausted entrepreneur for more than two decades without weekends or holidays, I retired from my business, The Hotel Alternative” Marina tells us and read on to discover more.   Your story is very inspiring for many women around the world. How would you describe it? I am blessed with amazing children, successful and loyal friends, a nice place to call home, and when I retired, I realised that after decades of hard work and nothing else, despite all my achievements, I was left with nothing. Nobody needed me anymore, and I felt sick, alone and frail. I couldn’t really see myself making it to the next Christmas. I didn’t know what’s next. My children were very worried and thought it would be a good idea to write a book about my life, but I ended up writing about other people’s lives and their big ideas, about turning their dream into a vision. Soon after, my publisher, Aaron Group, launched my first few books in North America, and I went on a journey of my own. The Life-After-Book, or LAB, as I call it, started and since my life is very much [...]

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