What it means to be a woman entrepreneur in Cyprus By Mirela Sula  Cyprus is a small and beautiful island country, which is facing many challenges in its economy. However, women seem to keep alive the energy of this place, their enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit is the hope of the future generations. We have asked seven amazing women who are running their business in Cyprus who share their challenges and successes of being a woman on a mission.  Viola Edward “Inspiring you to live colourful new possibilities” A loving relationship brought me to Cyprus in 2003, my Latino/Middle Eastern background helping me to settle in. I observed and absorbed the local rhythm just being myself, a networking woman. I understood the power of my feminine energy as capital and used this to establish my place. Patience and passion were required to expand clientele and to change existing culture towards Psychotherapy, Coaching and Breathwork in an environment where paying for therapy support would be regarded as a sign of illness. My programme is designed to help powerful achieving women in breaking free from restraints that prevent them from fully enjoying success and wealth. The programme also includes men who are committed to breaking free of cultural judgements that prevent them from fully enjoying the company of women as peers. My book, ‘Breathing the Rhythm of Success’, published in 1999, served as an excellent, powerful calling card. As a newcomer, I required local services, a dentist, doctor, accountant, hairdresser, lawyer etc. These friendly professional contacts, after [...]

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