Sarah – Anne Lucas

 A love affair with fitness!

The beginning of your journey with ‘Birdonabike’.

My name is Sarah-Anne Lucas, aka ‘Bird’. All my friends and family call me ‘Bird’; I would love you to do the same. I am from the West Country in England and we talk with a beautiful twang to our speech. Some would say like a farmer! Even my children call me ‘Bird’, when they can’t get an answer to ‘Mumma’. So I shared the love with the name of my company. It always makes me smile.

I have been an athlete since I can remember: Starting in competitive gymnastics, moving into running and evolving into triathlons of the highest endurance: Ironman. This love affair with challenging my body beyond where most people would go, gave me the answers to my lost soul. I had the most wonderful career in nursing, respected, valued and loved. But this was not reflected at home. In fact, it was the opposite. My eldest son had been diagnosed as Autistic, alongside ADHD and Tourette’s; my second marriage moving into murderous territory. I hope I’m getting across to you the pain and anguish that I was going through. I had no option but to support my family. I resigned from my beloved nursing and focused on getting Jack to the correct school that would provide for his needs and giving myself to my marriage. No way was I going to have a second failed marriage. During the quest for Jack, I too embarked on my own quest. It came to light that Jack would be my greatest teacher. My master of how to use the weight of my words to support me and other women to see and hear themselves.



The quest to find my being, my soul. You see it was lost. Where had I gone? I had reached my “Had Enough” moment. I interrogated myself. What did I love? What was I passionate about? The answer was always fitness. So, I threw myself into teaching dance style aerobics. Ah, the ecstasy of teaching “The Grapevine”. Please don’t judge me. Who doesn’t love a grapevine? This was not enough for my ever acquiring mind. I went on to become a Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher, and this is when the creative gods gave the offering of my book.

Every woman I met was grieving the loss of her being.

Within the first hour of meeting a client, mostly women, it became crystal clear that they were not coming to me to become fit. It was far more painful than the physical challenge they had set themselves. Every woman I met was grieving the loss of her being. Where had she gone? Every moment of her day was filled with other peoples needs. She was lost. She felt fat, ugly, socially inept, Wearing clothes that gave her the illusion of making her invisible. She would open up her soul, sharing her vulnerability, her shame and willing life to run through her body again. She had reached her “Had Enough” moment. Reaching it was just the beginning of the process. Actioning adaptation, with the change needed, and support and guidance. “It’s Never About The Fitness” will be your handbook to shifting from your “Had Enough” moment to Peak Performance. Waking up with an abundance of energy, creating a nuclear effect within your life and building personal resilience. The foundations of which to build a powerful woman.

Within the book, real problems are approached, faced by real women, in real time and in real people’s environment. The book is designed to offer simple tips and tweaks to your daily routine, but ones that empower you to be your daily best. These tweaks may at first look simple, but they may not be easy to implement on a consistent daily basis. Bird gives you an ingredients list to the equipment needed for your personal quest to power; a Japanese body brush for one. This is cited in an Amazon book review:
“Wow-a truly inspirational book! You are implementing life-changing rituals into your life without hassle or fuss… even body brushing oh go on then!” This is one of eleven daily rituals presented in the book. Eleven being the master number in numerology. The ‘master’ number in numerology makes double use of the number one, which means new beginnings and considered the most intuitive of all the numbers. It represents a balance of energy internally and in your surrounding environment. The number is associated faith, instinct, charisma and dynamism. The final chapter deliberately finishes on the number 11. Eleven chapters to give you power, supporting you on your onward journey.

The book also takes you on a pathway of self-discovery and self-mastery, aligning your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. It is vital to your aim of being extraordinary, of being your daily best. The 11 daily rituals create a love-affair with your body. Charlie Chaplin wrote the most beautiful poem called ‘As I Began To Love Myself”. He brings all the elements of health, food, people, things and situations into a complete package of the “Love Of Oneself”. We as a global nation are numb to health and wellbeing. The figures and results of dis-ease show us beautifully what, as a global nation we believe. We are the most depressed, sickest, most in debt we have ever been in human history. Yet, we still allow ourselves to choose health rather than hold high health as our duty.

We as women need simple daily rituals, actioned consistently with intermittent intensity to be our oxygen. So that we inspire ourselves, and “breath you in”. What you do on a daily basis creates the body you find yourself with today. You see you are the most important person you know. The gift of loving oneself as it is right at this moment. To breath love into each cell. This is true leadership. The leading of oneself on a daily basis. Once you action self-mastery then you will influence your environment. Your brilliance is magnetising. Your relationships flourish, your business explodes with success and the community smiles. You create a ripple effect throughout your environment. You stand in your power as a woman, you have unwavering faith in your beauty, your strength is like it’s never felt before and you become your children’s inspiration. Suggested next steps: ‘Breath in Bird’ – look within you and use the power of choice. Choose which daily ritual to action, how to incorporate it into your day, practice deliberately and share the wisdom with the people you love. Read the book, the shared honesty, the pain of life, the “Had Enough” moments and the magic moments.