Magdalena Pawlowska

Transforming my business fortune was by design, not luck

By Nika Jazaee

Magdalena Pawlowska is a woman on a mission to change the face of internet marketing world. She holds a Masters in Theoretical Philosophy and in Psychology, whilst running her own marketing agency, where she is helping companies to grow. After taking part in a campaign for the European Parliament in 2014, she also gained experience as an Internet Marketing Advisor to public figures. Magdalena shares her story with us on how she started off as an entrepreneur from the young age of seven and on how she failed in her first attempt to run her own business.


Where did you grow up and how was your childhood?

As I sit here tapping away at the keys on my Macbook it brings home the sheer contrast to how I grew up in a country that had supermarkets and stores where the shelves were empty, and oranges were an almost non-existent fruit, the closest most of us came to these tropical fruits were pictures and posters. However, being born and raised in Poland to a middle class family, it was the constant drive of my parents that allowed our lives to         experience what our neighbours would class as luxuries, even if it was having oranges every now and again. My parents were local entrepreneurs. They hustled and made the most of their environment, buying and trading in crystal over in   Russia then selling those goods to Berlin, in what was then East Germany. So it was inevitable that I would follow in their footsteps and my own entrepreneurial venture started at the tender age of seven. I was helping my parents in the flower trade, more to the point funeral and bereavement flowers. In my spare time watching cartoons on the TV I would be bonding plastic flowers to artificial stems and wrapping them in bouquets. To the point where our lounge would be almost filled to the ceiling. Over the years as my parents moved into different businesses, I was able to try my hand at many different things. My childhood was hard but it prepared me for where I am today as a business owner.

Who or what has been your biggest source of inspiration in your life?

For me the biggest source of inspiration is very simple, I love to see how people who have gone on in life and carved out their own destiny, achieving extraordinary results and doing more than what was expected of them. So, normal people who do extraordinary things – that is what inspires me.



What is the biggest challenge you have faced in life, and how did you overcome it, or how are you dealing with it?

When I decided to run my own business I believed it would give me freedom from the first day I started, offering me time, money and the ability to choose what I did. So it came as a huge shock after hitting the two year mark when the problems started. Cash flow issues with the business, customers not paying on time, then having to use my personal savings and borrowing to help bridge the cash gaps to ensure paying my team on time were challenges I had not planned for. But this wasn’t all – sleeping in the office to maximise my efficiency, 4 hours sleep per day, working 7 days and 80 hour weeks and still not getting to where I hoped. This was crushing. Ten years of studying, two masters degrees, scholarship in US, two years in my business and I couldn’t make it work the way I dreamed. I had to find a better way and I realised I needed new knowledge, so I turned to education and improving myself, just not in the traditional way. I was looking for answers and there it was, an advert for T. Hard Eker – “Are you interested in creating extreme wealth in business?”. It was January and the event was in five months. It was worth the wait. I started to look inward and it was the catalyst of a series of seminars that gave me what my intuition knew was right for me. I became   better in business and when partnered with constant education and growing myself it led me towards my goals in the right way.

When did you feel you started to reach success and why do you think you got to where you are today?

In April 2015 finally my hard work was paying off. A referral led me to a great opportunity, a digital marketing project that I was able to naturally apply my skills to. In two months this project generated 2.4 million PLN (£480,000). Not only has it demonstrated to me what is possible, it’s part of my formula for how I got to where I am today. We all have potential, but we must take action, as you achieve positive results, this will fortify your belief which intern reinforces and grows your potential, starting the cycle once more with bigger actions this time around. Then in late 2015 having increased my skills and confidence I took on another project promoting one of the fastest PC Sticks on TV. We   generated $585,000 as a crowdfunding campaign. A more recent project, a digital product launch that I managed, generated over $300,000 gross income in 15 days. There is no coincidence or luck, I’m creating my path by design and it shows this formula works for me.

Has being a woman been a challenge in your field?

In my field I’ve not really had a challenge with my gender. My observation is that at some of the main conferences that are in my industry, I would love to see more of an even split so that there was more representation of females to inspire this and the next generation.

Why do you think it is important that more women should take on leading roles in business?

We all have a gift to share with the world and I would encourage more women to stand in their power as we’re still taking our place in business. I believe it is important that we continue to show up as the best possible versions of ourselves as leaders because this will bring out the best in what we have to offer to the world. Part of the reason why I love digital marketing is that women no longer have to build up their career in a traditional sense. With the technology we have now it offers flexibility to work around your   family and to scale businesses to six or seven figure incomes and live life on their terms.

What are your future plans?

I have recently taken a keen interest in real estate after meeting Wojciech Wojtulewicz and Damian Slominski from Successful Eagles Real Estate Consulting and Training Company. Wojciech and Damian, real estates experts, inspired me and taught me how to invest in properties. As a result of this process I am looking for my first few investment properties in UK.  My main goal is to help thousands of entrepreneurs to build their online empires and to have a positive impact on the world through my online products and programmes. Establish a family, travel the world and always come from a place of love.