I inspire and am inspired by my family  A mother’s story by Eduardo Quaresma  When I moved from Portugal to the UK and left my mother and two sisters behind, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I came to start a new life here with my partner and the first period had challenging moments, including the weather, food and language. My partner was living in Newcastle and I stayed at my niece’s house for almost one year with no income. I became pregnant again so I was offered a hostel to stay at until a permanent place became available, trying to survive on twenty pounds a week. My 3 year old daughter was crying every day, saying that she wanted to go back to her grandmother and aunties, and for a mother this was torture. After seven months in the hostel we were offered a place to live. From there our life started to improve, with my partner moving from Newcastle to be with us. I started work at a hotel as a cleaner and within a year became Head Housekeeper. My big inspiration is my mother, for what she has been through in this life. Since her teenage years she had so many events but never gave up, she has a huge faith, is so powerful and such a positive person. Even when in hospital with the doctors saying that they didn’t know if she would live, after losing a baby, one of seven babies she lost. My late father was a role model, ambassador, and such a great leader. My four daughters are my daily inspiration and I know they are my gas to carrying on my journey. I always teach my daughters to do what they love with passion. It is not easy for mothers that work, especially when [...]

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