Marina Pearson My young son teaches me to enjoy the simple things in life  By Nika Jazaael Marina Pearson is an international best selling author and international speaker; her work has been included on big media platforms such as Sky TV, Marie Claire and ITV. She has also been invited to speak at TEDx and she regularly writes for the Huffington Post. Marina shares with us in this exclusive interview about when she nearly committed suicide at the age of 21 after years of depression and anxiety, to how she managed to turn her life around. Today her biggest inspiration is her husband, who always pushes her to think through her own thoughts and what is possible in this life. Tell me about your childhood, where did you grow up and how was it? I grew up in the UK to Spanish and English parents and I spent most of the time living in the south of England. My mother would always take me to the north of Spain where my family are from as she was super passionate about me being bilingual in Spanish and English. My childhood was not the happiest, as far as I can remember. I was brought up in a very privileged way but for some reason I would have moments of deep sadness. My father was away a lot at the time and as a result of my parents age gap I didn’t have a close relationship to my father during this time. He was 58 when he had me and came from a generation of “children must be seen and not heard”! My mum had to deal with a lot and when I was born she was having to look after her mum who had cancer. Bringing a child into the world while seeing her mum, the one person she was [...]

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