Mandeep Rai How I find my inspiration                                               By Lena Zechner                                                Mandeep Rai, a renowned Cuban broadcast journalist, would have been surprised if someone had forecast her success when she was little. Growing up in an environment where both of her parents were efficiently running businesses, Mandeep had early experience with “constantly serving the customer” as she tells us. Without setting out to pursue a career in journalism, she ended up taking several degrees which proved to be very helpful in realising her mission with ‘Creative Visions’ – to inspire and support young activists. These years provided her with the knowledge she needed for the upcoming challenges of becoming a successful journalist. While wanting to empower artists to embrace their passions and helping them to do so, part of her job as a mother of two young children also includes taking time off for her family and loved ones. Balancing this is trickier than it might seem! The following interview gives an insight into Mandeep’s professional development and her secrets to achieving success. How did your enthusiasm for journalism and the creative world of media evolve? I didn’t mean to go into the creative world or even become a journalist but I’ve always been enthusiastic. I created various awards at school and I was awarded the award for being the ‘most enthusiastic’! Even now I’m organising the 20th reunion at my old school; a girl [...]

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