Mavis Amankwah Today I am a business woman and entrepreneur and I wear many ‘hats’ Experiencing racist remarks from a very early age, and being told that she would never be successful, Mavis Amankwah has had to overcome a lot of difficulties along her life’s journey. Being discriminated against in many different situations has never stopped her though – or held her back. Instead, her determination to rise above such challenges has helped her to pursue her dreams and to become a successful woman who now helps to support others in need. In her teenage years she acquired her first job which provided her with the enough knowledge to master many years of tough work. Mavis then used this knowledge to set herself an important goal – to contribute to society as well as encouraging and empowering others who might not be as purposeful as herself. In the following exclusive interview Mavis reveals an insight into her life story and reveals why giving up is never an option. How has your childhood and upbringing impacted your success today? I faced a lot of adversity as a child and it actually made me stronger, bolder and wiser. I was even more determined to face the world after experiencing what I had been through. From the age of ten I looked after my two younger brothers every day in order to help my mum and then at the age of twelve I started working on a market stall earning my own money and helping others. Today I am a women entrepreneur and I wear many ‘hats’. My dream is to continue to make a contribution to society and to fulfill my God [...]

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