The Best of Me for the Best of You  Bernardo Moya By Mirela Sula When we ask Bernado what he has been doing for most of his life, he answers “I am an ongoing project that was started 52 years ago. Project “Bernardo” continues today, and I’m more interested than ever in learning and developing”. Bernardo is fifty-two but it seems that he has the curiosity and energy of a 26-year-old! He has been an entrepreneur for more than 32 years and a husband for nearly 30 years to his wife Julia. Bernardo became a parent 25 years ago and he is a father of three: He has two sons, Max and Lucci, and Gigi is his daughter. If we were to try and describe Bernardo in a few words, it would be, honest, loyal, very motivated and driven – and one who creates his own path and vision. [...]

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