Denise Ersalahi Erguler I imagine phenomenal things happening and fixing the wrongs By Trevor Clarke Denise Ersalahi Erguler is of Turkish Cypriot heritage, born in England, raised and educated in north London, moving to live in Cyprus ten years ago, soon after her first son was born. From being an interior designer in London, she now runs a family furnishing fabrics business, and is the author of two books, The Adventures of Shifting Jack and Essence. Denise won the Radio Works Authors Award for the best children’s novel at BAFTA London in December 2016. Denise has never let her dyslexia stop her from doing anything but in December 2015 she was given the devastating news by doctors that she had a rare type of brain cancer, which she is now bravely battling. Her wish for 2017 is to be given the all clear. Read on to discover more insights about Denise, her life, and supportive family.     Tell us about your childhood, your parents and what most influenced you as you were growing up. Playing family games, especially card games with my father probably influenced quite a big chunk of my childhood. My parents worked long hours and I grew up with my three elder brothers. We were very close siblings. Coming from a Turkish Cypriot background and growing up in London meant going out and socialising with friends was a no-no for a young girl. I learned to appreciate boy-time with my brothers so I was a little boyish. At times I was included in their social lives and at times I was left out. I began to understand why as I got older. I went to an all-girl school in a not so sa [...]

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