Iva Hazbiu

I never lose! I either win or learn

Iva is young but determined in achieving her goals. Even though she manages a legal office, her roots are grounded in the family. Her parents are her inspiration and a source of relaxation to her, therefore she shares everything with them, from the free time, to passions, to seeking professional advice. She does not feel the intimidation of competition, because in her profession she is incited by her motto of “Love everyone, trust only some, do not hurt anyone!”. Led by this motto of success, Iva has succeeded to upgrade her legal office “Jurrisprudenca.IH”, which is now based in one of the best and most prestigious legal offices in Tirana, Albania.


You have now been a manager for quite some time at Jurrisprudenca.IH. How did it happen that you started running this office?

I had completed my bachelor degree in legal affairs and a Master’s degree specialising in penal issues from the University of Tirana. Following that, I completed a few other specialisations in jurisprudential law. Once I finished my high school, I earned a scholarship for a bachelor’s degree in architecture. However, the passion for justice and investigation had grown within me, a feeling which was influenced by my father who worked as a criminal and court police officer. Very often I would become curious and I lived together with his work and passion. This is how I became fond of this profession. I am a strong-willed person, determined and I do not easily give up when I know that I am right. I am not intimidated by anything and anyone, neither by criticism. I do not fear the truth, or confrontations, and I am not afraid to express my own opinion. I do not feel ashamed to say “I am sorry”. I know how to forgive, but never to forget. Bringing all these together with a lot of dedication, ambition and hard work, I established the law firm.

“Jurisprudenca.IH”, includes my initials and this is how I decided to name the office, which was built with the support of qualified staff and colleagues. It was an amazing thing when I managed to establish a prestigious legal office, which provides investigating cases and guidance for solutions, and expert advice over the consequences and effect of a legal normal process. ‘Jurisprudenca’ was founded with the intention to guarantee to everyone deserved rights, equality, freedom and independence, to enjoy life, and liberty by supporting everyone’s dignity, values and ideals. I would prefer to say, that I came to this world with a special mission.

Knowledge has no limits, while experience and studying are the oxygen of life and profession.

How difficult is your job and how much of your time does it take?

I believe that the higher the degree of the difficulty, the more interesting the work becomes to me. Demanding work comes with its entanglements but at the same time it gets you closer to a problem resolution. As far as time is concerned, everything needs its own space, but the profession I have, requires a lot of dedication, something that I fulfil with passion, diligence and professionalism. Every case that I follow, I dedicate the time that it requires, I refer to the literature, make use of previous experiences, unifying decisions, etc. Knowledge has no limits, while experience and studying are the oxygen of life and profession.


How does your day start – the normal ritual?

Every day starts with preparing the work plan, the graphical plan of trials, analysing materials that are being followed and division of tasks for the team group. During the day even the problematic cases are analysed, from which professional knowledge has been build. In addition, we prepare for the most efficient support in accordance to the law. We operate thorough a successful mechanism where everyone does his or her job and the day ends with the final conclusions.

“Change, but make it slowly as the aim is more important than the speed”.

What is your motto, and the key to your success?

Love everyone, trust only some, do not hurt anyone! Following with loyalty and dedication the strengths of my character, I manage to achieve where I aim to be and do what needs to be done. To be successful means: To laugh often, to gain the respect of wise people and the love of children, to take into account the genuine criticism, to endure the betrayal of unreal friends, to reveal to others your positive side, and contributing in a way to make the world a better place. To acknowledge that there are people who are happy of your existence. Sometimes I need to say: “Change, but make it slowly as the aim is more important than the speed”.

How much time did you need to become popular in the market?

There is no better commodity than intelligence, a better friend than education, greater legacy than culture and greater honour than wisdom. All these are interacting in a prestigious legal office with staff who are professional, dedicated and experienced. This was a big step but easily identifiable in the market.

How do you compare yourself with your competitors?

Our credibility is the adherence to the law, our contribution to promote justice. I do not see myself in competition. I never lose! I either win or learn.


Do you ever make any compromises in your work?

In our work we resemble the train, which moves on two rails, and each direction of rail is fatal. We make sure to walk on the rails of the law, out of that there is no compromise. We respect the law with loyalty, we apply without tolerance but with rigorousness and no misuse.

What is your life out of the office, the daily routine, and the passions you have?

I adore the kind of life I live. Besides the work, I dedicate more time to my parents, whom I love dearly and I enjoy every minute I spend with them. They are my best consultants, who accompany me even in my entertainment, in my choices, and in the fulfilment of my desires and whims. I attend the gym, a passion embedded by two sporting parents. Weekends are times for travelling, I enjoy knowing new cultures, to see rare things and learn new things. I lead an active but quiet life. I often socialise with friends, listen to music, go to dancing classes, etc. The biggest dream for my profession is to achieve the peaks of success in my career. My passion is dressing, shopping, taking care for myself, books, film, and the world of art and fashion.