Iva Hazbiu I never lose! I either win or learn Iva is young but determined in achieving her goals. Even though she manages a legal office, her roots are grounded in the family. Her parents are her inspiration and a source of relaxation to her, therefore she shares everything with them, from the free time, to passions, to seeking professional advice. She does not feel the intimidation of competition, because in her profession she is incited by her motto of “Love everyone, trust only some, do not hurt anyone!”. Led by this motto of success, Iva has succeeded to upgrade her legal office “Jurrisprudenca.IH”, which is now based in one of the best and most prestigious legal offices in Tirana, Albania. You have now been a manager for quite some time at Jurrisprudenca.IH. How did it happen that you started running this office? I had completed my bachelor degree in legal affairs and a Master’s degree specialising in penal issues from the University of Tirana. Following that, I completed a few other specialisations in jurisprudential law. Once I finished my high school, I earned a scholarship for a bachelor’s degree in architecture. However, the passion for justice and investigation had grown within me, a feeling which was influenced by my father who worked as a criminal and court police officer. Very often I would become curious and I lived together with his work and passion. This is how I became fond of this profession. I am a strong-willed person, determined and I do not easily give up when I know that I am right. I am not intimidated by anything and anyone, neither b [...]

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