Kathy Eldon My heart breaks all over again when I see someone facing the grief that I felt when my son was killed.  by Mattlynn Mossberg At the age of 30, Kathy Eldon and her family, including two young children, relocated from their London suburb to Nairobi, Kenya. As a journalist, Kathy was inspired by the stories of the vibrant and creative people she met who were working to build a nation. Following somewhat in her footsteps, in later years Kathy’s son Dan became a photojournalist. While working in Somalia, Dan was killed in a tragic occurrence. Although Kathy and her family were obviously distraught and devastated by this loss, instead of succumbing to her grief, Kathy became driven to find meaning from what had happened. She has worked on various projects that show the importance of journalists in peace and war and has also taken on ventures to help others who are struggling with tragedy find a new tenacity for life. In this interview Kathy shares how she draws on experiences from throughout her life, whether they’ve been cases of pain or passion, and uses them as inspiration. She supplies advice and support for anyone else who may be struggling with grief by sharing her moving journey. When you were 30 you and your family moved from London to Nairobi, Kenya. What inspired this migration and what came out of this transition? Ever since I was an exchange student in South Africa as a 16 year old, I had wanted to return to Africa, and contribute in a positive way. As a young mother of two small children in a London suburb, I found myself terribly frustrated by the [...]

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