Three tips to keep your business sustainable  Mirela Sula By Mirela Sula  While preparing for our upcoming events I would like to share with you three lessons that I have learned while on my journey of building my business with Global Woman 1. Don’t let your personal life interfere in your business We all face on a day to day basis many personal challenges. Everyone is coping with their “battles” and issues that come in our life, but this does not mean that other areas of our life will stop functioning. If you have a job, or are working on a project, or especially if you are in business, it is very important to keep going and be consistent with your presence, and not to allow any personal issue to interfere in the quality or delivery of your work. We have a responsibility to commit in what we have started no matter what the obstacles we come across and how painful life can be sometimes, while trying to accomplish ourselves in other areas of life. Remember, you are not alone, and what you are experiencing is happening for a reason and always has a solution. If you are struggling to open a door, it means that it is not your door, or perhaps it is not the right time to enter it. Be patient and try to fulfil yourself in other areas. There is always something moving, and our job is to let go what is going and let it come what is coming… 2. Engage with other people before you need them We all need support from others, and if we want to succeed the only channel to achieve success is through others. We need to gain their trust, convey to them our desire and passion abou [...]

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