SHARON CALLIX HOW I TRANSFORMED MY LIFE WITH FACEBOOK Her dream has always been to achieve something extraordinary. “I wasn’t allowed to socialise as my family were extremely protective over me…In fact maybe too protective” – Sharon says. This turned Sharon Callix into a person that sought more intellectual stimulation and she started to find herself immersed in the world of business and became hungry for success. Today she has achieved many of her dreams; she is a successful woman with a goal to help other people succeed as well. This interview with her shows that it has not been easy for Sharon, as she has faced many challenges but clearly she is a woman on a mission. By Lela Struga How do you remember your childhood? I was very attached to my mummy and loved her very much. I remember her as very generous, hard working, full of discipline and always giving us maths to do. I didn’t like to play with toys or watch TV. I was always around my family wanting to learn, bake, or do something new. My childhood was strict and I was the eldest of two daughters. I feel that I had an equal share of discipline at home. I did not grow up in an environment that allowed me freedom. My mother taught us Arabic from a very young age and insisted that private education was the best way forward. Religion, morals, respect, high values and education were the way forward until marriage. I was very much rewarded all the time and never deprived of anything I wanted and received a lot of love from my mother who is my world. What about your adolescence – what was your dream [...]

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