10 women will be part of the “Phenomenal Global Woman Show”    to be broadcast on PBS TV in the USA

We are auditioning NOW – act fast if you want to be a part of this exciting mission

What is included?

  • You will be a key feature in the TV programme, which will reach millions of people. The recording will be in September 2017 in Hollywood – 10 women will fly to LA and be there for ten days.
  • You will have your own chapter in the book “Phenomenal Global Woman – Building the New Paradigm” with a foreword by Dr Ervin Laszlo
  • You will be a major part of the book launch and promotion for the programme
  • You will be a speaker at the “Phenomenal Global Woman” event in Los Angeles – ten phenomenal women speakers sharing their vision and the launch of the book.
  • We will provide the DVD from the show broadcast on PBS TV and also an exclusive video recording showing you as part of the experience during your 10 days and “behind the scenes” in Hollywood.
  • You will be featured with an exclusive interview in Global Woman magazine

This is your big opportunity to show how great you are to a wider audience and attract attention from key people of influence to take you to a bigger stage, for your personal, professional and business growth.

PBS America shows many British TV favourites as you can see here and as well as being watched by 95 million viewers per month on broadcast TV throughout America, with 200 million (82% of households) watching PBS over the course of a year. Through their membership video service there are more than 31 unique viewers and 386 million video views each month. While PBS maintains editorial independence over content, unlike the BBC which is funded by the licence fee, most of the PBS commissioned programmes have to be paid for to cover the costs of production.

This could be the best investment that you have ever made or will ever make.

You can apply and guarantee an interview for selection by paying a deposit. We will then contact you within 24 hours to arrange an interview on Skype. We will then decide if you are right for the programme and if you feel happy about going ahead to be part of it. (We also want to have the best mix of women of diversity, background, and business or profession). If agreed, the balance will be payable within 72 hours. The marketing, branding and content for the book, and preparation for the TV show will be done between March and August. If you are not part of the “Phenomenal Global Woman Show”, the deposit will be refunded within 48 hours of confirmation. Please note that flights and accommodation are not included in the package.

To schedule a time for the Skype audition, please contact us at