FABRIZIO MANCINI is a very well known personality around the world, not only as a Chiropractor, but also as a bestselling author “The Power of Self-Healing”. I met Dr Mancini during his visit in London where he was invited to speak at one of the biggest summit “The Blue Cow” and had the chance to have a chat with him about his life journey. Fabrizio was born in South America. Her mother is from Colombia and his father was of Italian decent. He feels very blessed for the various cultures in his family, however now he lives in Texas, Dallas. He moved to the US in 1978 when he was 13 years old and couldn’t speak a word of English. His parents wanted a better future for him and his brothers. They were five brothers and they all chose very different careers from one another, but it all stemmed going back to what they were passionate about doing. When did you realise that you have a mission and purpose in this world? I heard Dr Wayne Dyer make a statement 27 years ago saying, ‘That we are not human beings living a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings living a human experience’. When I heard that mantra, I realised my life as a human being is limited. But as a spiritual being it is unlimited, extraordinary and abundant. What I needed to find out was that if I chose to live my life as a spiritual being rather than a human being, what cause would I support to help humanity evolve to a higher level of vibration. For me it made sense to become a health care provider, an educator and Doctor. It was making people understand that health is a priority. W [...]

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