IT WAS A NICE, WARM SPRING WEATHER IN APRIL, in Istanbul in 2011.  I was packing my stuff, just a very few things. It was unusual to take so few clothes with me yet I knew that they were the ones I would need for the coming eight days. Apart from a few shirts and toothbrush, I didn’t have anything in my small backpack. I was ready to travel to the deepest, darkest sides of my inner world… I had so many questions without answers. Taking a flight to Bodrum was also nice and easy.  However, I was very excited and also even a bit anxious about this experience I was going to have. When we arrived at our destination, a very small village in a small forest, I was getting even more excited. I could not relax and felt already all alone within a group of 25 people. Then our journey started, al [...]

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