Kim Kiyosaki A Man is Not a Financial Plan Interview: Mirela Sula When she was about ten years old her mother told her, “Kim, if you don’t want to spend your life in a kitchen, then don’t learn how to cook. And if you don’t want to be a secretary, then don’t learn how to type.” In Kim’s words: “This was when we still used typewriters and I took mom’s advice to heart. To this day I’m a terrible cook, and I’ve never been a secretary”. Her father has been another great influencer for her. In the 1960s he marched with Martin Luther King. As a young girl seeing her dad, a white man, march with King in support of civil rights; it had a profound impact on how she views people, the world and equality. It was a character builder for her. Today, her business mantra seems to be: “A man is not a financial plan” as she says for the “”. I had the chance to meet Kim during the Women Achievers Congress in London, with three of her entrepreneurial girlfriends who came with her from the U.S. They are all powerful women experts in business and money. In this event they talked entrepreneurship, investing, and personal development. It’s incredible what can happen when you bring together a group of like-minded and dynamic women who want to learn, grow and make their lives even better for themselves and those close to them. Kim believes that every woman has a gift, a genius, to share with the world. Some women know what it is and for some it’s hidden within. This event was about bringing out and growing that genius. It is about every woman being a [...]

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