LIDIA is originally from Portugal but now lives and works in London. She is a lifelong spiritual coach, energy therapist, trance medium and author. Lidia is also a key speaker, business consultant and entrepreneur, with more then 20 years of experience and thousands of clients from all walks of life under her wing. Lidia is widely sought out by clients and media worldwide. Her story reveals that Lidia is where she is today not by accident but for a reason.  After many challenges in life she celebrates her success and achievements by helping other people as well. A very alive and energetic woman, Lidia has a voice that now speaks globally with the purpose to “glow within”. How do you remember your childhood? Up to the age of eight, I recall my childhood being absolutely blissful. Unfortunately on my eighth birthday it took a turn for the worse, and my nightmare began. My step-brother began to groom me, which led to sexual and emotional abuse, which lasted for years. There were many people who had knowledge of this happening, however, they chose to conceal it, shut me down, and inferred that I was a child fantasist, living in a dream world. This was done, for fear of the truth coming to light. The consequences of which would mean blood being spilt, as I am from a family, which is steeped in history, and my dear father was a man of honour, integrity and high values. Later on in my teenage years, I was brutally forced into having an abortion, not by the father who was my first love, but by my mother, who had been instrumental in the cover up of the abuse at the ha [...]

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