Marriage for me is the upmost declaration of love and commitment. I’ve always had in my mind that I would be married one day. I may sound a bit old-fashioned but there are certain traditions that I think we should keep. I believe that commitment and vows are so important, and for this reason I wanted to declare to the one I love that I am committed to being with him for the rest of my life. – Says Rafael Dos Santos one month after his wedding day where we have been invited. What are the challenges that you have faced to make this dream come true? I left Brazil in 2001 when I was 20. I had suffered a lot of bullying at school and that hurt me a lot. People think that Brazil is a liberal and open minded country but it’s not. People don’t have access to education and education is the key to acceptance of all kinds – colour, religion and gender. It sounds harsh but I had to leave my own country to be able to live the life I wanted, to be free, to feel that people loved me for what I am and not for what I should be or have.   We got engaged very quickly. People say that when you meet ‘the one’ you know it and this was certainly the case… How do you remember the time when you had to talk with your family and friends about your feelings toward a man? While in Brazil I never really told anyone that I was gay. My mother has serious issues with my sexuality (and still does – she didn’t come to my wedding, neither called or sent me an email). My relationship with my mum is difficult and almost non-existent. It’s diffi [...]

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