Some of my goals are so grand that they aren’t even achievable in my lifetime, they’re that big. It’s going to take a few generations to carry them out for me. Dream Big, Be Big, Live Big! – Says the famous artist in Hollywood Mike Dusi By Mirela Sula You are already a very famous personality in Hollywood. How did your career begin in the Film Industry? It all began when I moved to Los Angeles, California, ten years ago. Living in a town where almost everyone shares a similar passion for film and television allowed me to connect with some amazing people. It led me to opportunities in the entertainment business. A very good friend of mine introduced me to Jeremy Luke. Jeremy is a native New Yorker who moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of acting. He took the time to share his knowledge of this business. It’s not easy to leave everything you know behind to pursue a new life full of opportunity. However, Jeremy and I were two New Yorkers ready to make some big moves in Hollywood! He introduced me to Joe Palese, a native New Yorker who also started off as an actor and became one of Hollywood’s leading acting coaches. It was with Joe Palese where I was able to take my acting to a heightened level. Joe taught me how to look within and use my own life experiences to connect with characters. He put me on the ‘fast track’ to acting and became a great friend and mentor! I ended up booking a play and did some theater with a very interesting character I developed. Two weeks after the play ended I received a call from my agent about an audition [...]

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