ldman, Cindy Crawford, Amal Clooney, James Blunt & Sophia Wellesley, Charlotte Tilbury, Mario Testino, Sam McKnight, Taio Cruz, Karmen Pedaru, Marpessa Hennik    The guests enjoyed cocktails featuring the Casamigos brand: ‘Casamigos Espresso’ ‘Unexpected Casamigos’ Casamigos Reposado on the Rocks Chefs prepared accompaniments, showing their culinary skills using the elegant tequila… * Grill loin rib marinated with tequila Casamigos Añejo    * Foie Mid-cuit over brioche and jelly tequila Casamigos Reposado * Cube Lamb confit with tequila Casamigos Añejo, cinnamon and yuzu sauce * Hamachi ceviche with lemongrass and white Tequila Casamigos · Passion fruit gazpacho with white tequila Casamigos foam * Osmosis cherry rested white tequila Casamigos style, covered wi [...]

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