By Mirela Sula Rakibe Altuntas was born in the city of Trabzon, Turkey in 1972. After graduating from Karadeniz Technical University’s Psychological Counselling Department, she started her professional life at Deulcom International as the Customer Service Representative. Rakibe is now the CEO of Deulcom International, the biggest language and vocational training school chain in Turkey. She holds an MBA in Management and Organisation from Cukurova University. Rakibe is married to Baybars, a well renowned entrepreneur, Angel investor, Turkish TV Dragon, and now hosts The Weakest Link, a TV quiz show, in Turkey. They have two daughters.     For Rakibe, being married to a successful businessman like Baybars Altuntas is something to be proud of, but she also sees it a responsibility. This, for the reason because she had to prepare herself to have less in her own life and her family life, while his business was developing. It is like a see-saw, she says. “When one part goes up, the other part goes down. Your life is normal so long as you are able to fill the part on the down side. Once you re-define your expectations, every member of the family is able to live without complaining about anything. The balance point here is the woman”.   At the beginning she was attracted by Baybars’s sense of humour, this was the first thing that impressed her. Like many women, she thinks that men who make them laugh are special. “It is very important to have fun together” says Rakibe. “And when you spend time with someone you enjoy being with, you develop similar [...]

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