By Mirela Sula You probably don’t hear people say this often but here is a woman who actually loves being in her seventies. Mimi has happily told us that she is having such a great time in life and she doesn’t feel much different than when she was much younger. “Honestly I feel ageless. I don’t even think about age. When I awake I just feel healthy and energetic. It’s only when I pass a mirror do I realise I’m older”. Hearing about stories like this not only inspires us but also impacts on our way of thinking. Mimi’s success reveals to us that it is never too late to invest in ourselves, to start reversing and slow down the aging process. She celebrated her 77th birthday in September and here is what she shared with me.       Have you become the person that you always wanted to be? I have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. I’ve always wanted to have close-knit family, be happy, travel and be in love, and I have all those things. However I still think I am learning new things daily so I am anxious who I will in ten years. How would you describe your life experience? I think like most people. Up’s and downs, high’s and lows. The low’s started to be less in my late forties and the high’s more. I lost my husband in a plane crash when I was 29. I was married at 17 and have four children. He died in a private plane and there was no insurance. I immediately went to work so I was on my own raising my children. I was very much in love with him, and was a stay at home mom for a few years so it was not an easy adjustment. As [...]

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