We all need to love and be loved, but still struggle to manage our feelings and emotions when we are in a relationship. What make us humans be so complicated when we enter into the “Love World”? How can we develop the bond relationship and what are the recipes for a healthy one? While reading Dr Johnson’s books I found many answers, and this interview will tempt you to learn more about this important topic, and will probably invite you to step into “Hold Me Tight” conversations. By Mirela Sula   You are a very well known psychologist around the world and have developed Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy – what has this work with couples taught you? My thirty years of research and practice has taught me a lot. We get the best results of any couple intervention – 16 or so rigorous studies show that we can, in a short space of time,  help 75% of couples move out of distress completely and about 86% make great improvements in their relationship. We also know just how we do this. Really you need to read Hold Me Tight and Love Sense to answer this question – but in brief my research has taught me that: We can understand romantic love – and what we understand we can actually shape – make – change. We are bonding animals and safe emotional connection is the essence of love in close relationships. The BIG question in love is always: Are you there for me? A.R.E. – are you accessible, responsive and engaged with me? We have no idea of the amazing impact we have on our partners – for good and for ill. We do not understand how the human brain resp [...]

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