Dear Judy I would be grateful for your advice related with a concern I have with my husband. I am originally from Brazil and have been married with my French husband for 12 years and we have two children together. (We have both been living in England for more than 15 years). Our life together has been good with some ups and downs but I always believed that he is very loyal. One day I invited a friend of mine to the house (I don’t do it very often) and I saw him behaving very strangely. He was trying to show off in front of her. It was obvious that he was trying to allure her. And very sad to say but she was responding to his behaviour as well. Anyway, I just tried to manage the situation and let it go. After a few days I saw that they became friends on Facebook and he started to give likes to her pictures. For that I could not resist without checking his inbox and I found they were communicating together. I asked him to discuss with me about it and he tried to convince me that there is nothing to worry about. He didn’t tell me that they were communicating together. I have always trusted him, and never imagined myself becoming jealous, but something is happening here and I am feeling that I don’t trust him anymore. What should I do? Silvia If your husband has nothing to hide he should give you his Facebook password Dear Silvia, You are right to be concerned about your husband’s online friendship. Unfortunately Facebook is increasingly being mentioned when couples are filing for divorce. Facebook is a temptation. But nevertheless that does not mean your husband [...]

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