Shamik Desai: We should NOT live by numbers in a conscious world Shamik Desai Shamik is currently involved in a project called ConsciousWorld, inspired by a dystopian-satirical novel he wrote and by a vision that his friend Uday Khemka had been harboring for quite some time.  Shamik had just finished his manuscript, articulating what he saw as modernity’s ‘Problem’, and wanted to do something positive in terms of catalysing a process that might in some small way help address the problem.  This is when he ran into Uday, whose idea of mapping the ‘conscious world’ onto a web platform intrigued him.  He hopes this world we are illustrating expands and deepens over time.   So you’re living by numbers And numbers you answer to You can count all the numbers You bet that someone’s counting you                                                    Lyrics from ‘Living by Numbers’ by New Musik   Your life before ConsciousWorld had been following a different direction – how difficult has it been for you to change direction? I was in banking for many years but felt something wasn’t right. Writing and philosophy have always been where my core interests lay. Even when I was six, I embarked upon writing a novel — at least in my own mind. It is a calling — it chooses you. So for me, it was a very natural thing to make the change. When I was in banking, I felt a strong tension between my values and my work. But it provided me with ‘material’ — a front-row seat into what was wrong with the present system, and fuelled m [...]

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