2 Tips from Joe St Clair How to move beyond your comfort zone Joe St Clair   Moving out of your ‘comfort zone’ is not always easy. It’s important to acknowledge this fact right up front because most of my other 100 tips are actually much easier to achieve, requiring only a little effort but producing real tangible results. Having the courage and commitment to move out of your comfort zone however, produces massive results – and that’s why it is so central to TLF.   1 Push your limts Our comfort zone is the cocoon that we put around ourselves to protect us from the unknown – it’s our security blanket, our refuge and the place to which we retreat when the going gets tough. In employment terms it is the key skills, qualifications and experience that we include on our CV’s. It is the part of the day job that we can do with our eyes closed – because we have spent years mastering our craft whether we are doctors, accountants, lawyers, taxi drivers or shop assistants. Our comfort zone feels secure – and it stays secure as long as we don’t attempt anything stupid like trying to push beyond its boundaries and end up in the scary place called the ‘unknown zone’. Make sense? The trouble is that when we study those people that we envy – those who have led exceptional, rewarding and fulfilling lives a pattern starts to emerge. Most of the high achievers and those who have reached their goals have something in common. They somehow found the courage to move out of their comfort zones into the unknown and faced whatever challenges stood in their way. J [...]

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