By Lidia Frederico The Change in Your Love Life Lidia Frederico In today’s world it’s all rush, rush, rush, and finding love has became a true challenge for many, to the point of turning to online dating. The mindset has completely changed in regards to relationships, many are too busy to have a love relationship due to their career commitments; others start a relationship thinking that if it does not work out they soon can find another. Commitment to love is no longer in the charts, far from it, the foundations are lost and in the background all is lost even before it has started. Engagement, marriage we all dream about no matter if you are a man or woman, finding the right person to take that place in our hearts, now that’s a true challenge in our days…or is it?!     One of the main issues that I’ve come across with people that I work with in regards to this matter, is that the “heartbreaks” from their past relationships has put a major stop on them opening their hearts to love and be loved once again. Many hold on to old painful relationships that are like a rotten seed that has never flourished, which stops them from moving forward, also understanding that this was nothing else but a soul lesson that they had to experience. Yes it is their choice to stay in the past or to move forward, planting new amazing seeds of love by changing their inner core, simply letting go of the past pain, forgiving and moving on with a new mindset and open heart. When you change your energetic vibration you change your life, and love is no different, on the contrary [...]

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