How do I reach a global audience as a trainer and motivational speaker? Dear Baybars, I have enjoyed reading your advice in Ask the Dragon and wonder if you can give me some of your wisdom. I am running a successful business offering consultations for small businesses and I think my expertise may also be useful outside the UK. I am a trainer and a motivational speaker for leaders and managers and I can help many companies by sharing my techniques on how to be more effective. My question is, what would be the best way to reach an international audience and what should I do in order to approach them and make them trust me? I have achieved great results here and want to prove that it can work in a broader context as well. Your international experience and advice would be very helpful.  Anna   You need validated testimonials from people with global recognition Dear Anna, International consulting has two important parameters: testimonials and global recognition. It is not important how well you think you have done in the market; what counts is that your customers think you did a great job. The first question you have to answer is: Who are your customers? If your customers are local figures, they can only echo your success locally. By the same token, if your customer is a nationally recognised figure, your success can become a national success story. By extension, customers who are internationally recognised figures can open the doors of the global market to you. Therefore, you need to first assess your current customer base, by categorising them as local, national or global [...]

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