Sarah Alexander Is Success an Inside-Out Job? As Global Women looking to be successful in the world, I believe it is time to re-evaluate our ideas on success. Traditionally, success is linked with achievement: the ability to set a target and reach it; the ability to create economic wealth from a business concept or career; the ability to acquire material possessions and have financial security. In short, we have come to think of achievement and success as things we achieve in the physical or “outside” world. But is there more to success than this? Our inner wisdom is available to us all, to guide us to “our” success, our fulfilment and our sense of peace and happiness. This wisdom guides us through our inner world of thoughts and feelings and through the synchronicities in our lives. We receive this guidance by being aware of our inner nudges and gut feelings about which situations, people and business ideas and thinking are truly for us to embrace. This inner wisdom is able to see much further ahead in our lives than we are able to see, and as a result is able to guide us to what is right for us to create and achieve in the material world. Our inner wisdom also guides us to focus not just on what we are doing, but also on who we are being in any situation. Our inner guidance encourages us to be kind, loving, understanding, compassionate, open, and giving the best of our heart and the best of our mind in all circumstances. With this focus on who we are being, I believe we can re-define success to encompass these qualities so that we are able to embrace them anytime [...]

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