Mimoza Thaçi, a successful business woman, is the founder of the club “I am power” and owner of “Sun and Stars”, a company operating in Macedonia and Kosovo, all presenting a story of success. Mimoza shares with us why most self-help books, including best-selling phenomenon “The Secret” (based on the “law of attraction”) are missing some vital ingredients to achieving the higher level of success and wealth. Many people have used the law of attraction by trying to attract a new car or more money but have not been successful. How do you explain this? “The Secret” is a good book and 90% on the right track, but there are missing elements that make it not quite function effectively. There are too many other books out there along with “The Secret” and you will learn with “I am Power” why all those books do not have all of the ingredients for the perfect recipe. What are the missing ingredients to achieving success and wealth? You cannot go directly to that compound, as not all people are ready for success, not everyone will come to the club, and not everyone will spend time, money and their efforts to have success. But for those who are ready, they will reach their success sooner than they thought they could. I want to inspire such people to achieve their dreams and the wealth they desire. What can you tell us about the religious view on money and being rich? What religions really say is not that you should not have wealth but that love of money is the wheel of all the misfortunes. Yet we also learn that it is of supreme importance to love people and [...]

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