By Anna-Cajsa Johansson A balanced Life – Connecting to the wisdom of your cycle In the world today, we tend to value doing and rationality much higher than being and intuition. Because of this we lose some of the very important innate knowledge of ourselves and our bodies. How do we, in our busy lives, ensure we are getting the most out of what we do and are able to manage our own life, as well as those perhaps partly or fully dependent on us? Do we know when to slow down and when we can stand the pressure of speeding things up? The hormonal cycle for women is a good example of an area where we can find great strength, power and awareness, leading us to a healthier life. How can you discover and follow this inner guidance? What steps can be taken to relieve PMS and other discomfort relating to your menstrual cycle? Did you know that science agrees that women are more intuitive during a certain part of the cycle? As women, our menstrual cycle is a source of great knowledge and self-awareness. Like the flow of water and other liquids it is ruled by the moon and is one of the many cycles of creation mirrored in nature. Culturally, in the Western world, we have been conditioned to view it as something that holds us back and even makes us weak. In fact it offers us an opportunity to further use our intuition and learn how to strike a balance in our busy life, and even find a greater sense of harmony and freedom. We can reclaim our power and listen to our own voice, which knows what is best for us from a health perspective. Through history, the menstrual cycle has carrie [...]

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