By Mirela Sula I have always been a big campaigner for women and for gender equality, and I believe that part of my personal mission in life is to help and encourage women to start taking their place on the world stage, by walking a path that has traditionally been dominated by men. Today, more and more women are starting to raise their voice to have a say in world affairs and to increase their visibility as global citizens. Although a lot of men still want to cling to old and outmoded ways of thinking, an increasing number of men now recognise that the world’s problems cannot be solved by men alone. What is needed is a more balanced solution that incorporates the nurturing and more compassionate elements that women can bring to the table. A growing number of successful and entrepreneurial men now want to listen to women’s views and encourage them on their mission to bring balance to a troubled world. I believe that this balance of power is now shifting for the benefit of all and I was recently privileged to talk to some forward thinking men about this important topic. I had the good fortune to be able to speak with five men that I met in China last week at the “World Entrepreneurial Forum” and I took this rare opportunity to ask them for their views about women entrepreneurs. I also asked them about how successful men could work with women to bring a new momentum to female entrepreneurship and how they might help in facilitating this process. They were all happy to share their opinions, emphasising that the involvement of women in business is going to change signif [...]

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